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bulletsThe President’s Trophy Convention of DHFL Pramerica is the most prestigious event for the client and this year being the 10th year celebration, the celebrations had to be bigger.

bulletsThe brief was to suggest a city or a country, with a historic relevance similar to DHFL Pramerica.

bulletsThe itinerary also gathered primary focus, so as to let the guests make the most of the celebration.


bulletsOur objective was to provide our guests a well-thought and thoroughly planned experience and to ensure they always remembered the 10th year celebration of the brand.


bulletsWe decided to engage the audience before the trip itself and decided to share few pre-buzz mailers with them. These mailers were both theme and destination based. The mailers were informative in nature & carried details of the itinerary. In addition, we also created an advisory AV for our guests with the dos’ and don’ts of the trip.

bulletsFor the welcome dinner, we decided to create a non-intrusive setup design, one that would be in sync with the natural beauty of the venue. To make the design engaging, we setup multiple photo-op points and inculcated the culture of Budapest in its elements. With the design elements reflecting the city’s food, architecture, music tastes, the guests were thrilled to be a part of the celebration.

bulletsThe stage design was kept minimal and we used an All LED stage to save on time and keep the stage dynamic. Since the look and feel for both the morning and evening events had to be changed, our approach to take an all LED stage worked as we could define the mood and create variations via lighting and motion graphics. We also used local artists for the entertainment acts to give a local flavor.

bulletsThe awards celebration were divided into two parts with 300 guests attending the award show in the day and 300 guests attending the same at night.

bulletsWhile the first group of people were being honored at the PTC celebration, the second group of 300 people had to chance to explore Budapest. Similarly, with the second group at the PTC celebrations, the first group got an opportunity to go on a city tour that ended with a grand dinner on a river cruise.

Key HighlightsKey Highlights

bulletsIt was a celebration of firsts. The brand celebrated its 10 year anniversary and invited a large group of people, 600 to be precise for the same. In addition, all the guests were hosted in Budapest, Hungary