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bulletsTo create awareness about the sport & position it as a serious sport as opposed to the common misconception of it being ‘recreational’

bulletsEngage directly with the TG

bulletsDraw footfall to the stadium & increase viewership


bulletsWe identified the key touchpoints keeping in mind high footfalls area & locations to engage with our target audience and also gain visibility.


bulletsFor better recall value, the on ground promotions started a week prior in Corporate parks, Mall, TT Clubs/Academies, followed by the matches in the stadium.

bulletsTwo corporate parks per city were scheduled on the weekdays followed by mall activity over the weekend to attract new audience.

bulletsFor budding players/enthusiast, ten TT clubs/academies per city were brought on board. This gave us an opportunity to tap into new and existing audience for the league.

bulletsFor an immersive experience, each on-ground zone had TT tables for the audience to get hands-on experience of the sport and for the first time a VR TT game was developed to enhance the gaming experience.

bulletsOverall we reached out to more than 20 Thousand fans via on-ground promotions across all 3 cities.

bulletsParticipants and winners went back with branded merchandise and tickets to watch the match live at the stadium. Over 3900 merchandises were given out to fans.

Key HighlightsKey Highlights

bulletsWe conducted a 2 day tournament during the mall activations in Pune which saw over 50 enthusiastic participants across various age groups.

bulletsUTT Team players visited the Pune mall on the second day to gratify the winners and conduct a meet & greet.

bulletsRJs from the partner radio channels visited the malls in Pune & Kolkata and took fan bytes.

bulletsFor the first time, a VR TT experience game was executed for the league.

bulletsTo encourage the sport, collectables unique merchandises like mini rackets, hobby tables, mini tables were distributed and large TT tables were donated to key clubs.