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bulletsTo curate & manage the first media launch of the product

bulletsTo engage and involve the attendees and get the buzz started


bulletsThe objective was to ensure a visually exciting first media launch of the product

bulletsWith multiple live stations, the attendees were provided with an opportunity to try the product & see the results for themselves


bullets Targeted towards travel enthusiasts and social media influencers, the event was attended by over 100 guests, which included media personnel, bloggers, social media influencers and representatives of Canon India.

bullets The launch event commenced with the Chief Executive Officer and President, Canon India Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi taking the centre stage and talking about his love for exploration and photography. He then invited on stage the Vice President of Canon India Pvt Ltd – Mr. Eddie Udagawa, who also talked about how our photographs are an integral part of our travel dairies and everyday lives and how photographs have now become a conversation starter on social media.

bullets A live & interactive demo zone was setup to provide the attendees a true hands on demonstration of the camera’s key features.

Key HighlightsKey Highlights

bulletsThis cued in the launch performance that was a musical beautiful choreographed to tell the story of a couple who had been on a holiday and was revisiting the memorable moments of their time spend there. Besides the two main actors acting out the various scenarios, the musical was amplified through breath-taking visuals, music, lighting and sound effects.

bulletsAt the end of the act, the dancers came forward, each holding a photograph clicked by the new Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera and forming the letter M, leading to the unveiling of the product to the media.

bulletsA boulevard setting with a street musician playing live, a street café setup with live actors enjoying a coffee together, and a live kitchen with a chef demonstrating his knife skills and super speed teppan techniques; all set for bloggers & enthusiasts to try out the new mirrorless camera.