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bulletsStitched around the core brand proposition of helloentertainment, the brief was to make this launch entertaining & create interesting content around our daily indulgences that work around our smartphones. The main idea was to establish the e5 series as the powerhouse of entertainment.


bulletsConsidering the phone was to be launched as the powerhouse of entertainment, the event itself had to be a blockbuster. We decided to intensify the drama element and prepare for an exclusive launch ceremony.


bulletsThe event started with a dramatic routine, with drama, romance, action, music and dance – all that makes a quintessential Bollywood blockbuster hit! The hero and heroine meet, fall in love, fights all odds, and live happily ever after…But no! It doesn’t end here.

bulletsJust when the ‘happily ever’ after moment was about to happen, our talented & handsome Bollywood actor – Kartik Aaryan takes to the stage. The actor starts delivering his famous monologue from the movie – Pyaar ka Punchnama. But halfway through, he gets interrupted with a complete black out onstage with a low battery sign flashing on the centre screen. The entertainment suddenly stops, but Rachna Lather – Head of Marketing, Motorola Mobility India takes to the stage with a solution. She introduces the two new phones and presents the audience with a detailed product presentation.

bulletsTo continue with the entertainment, which got interrupted earlier, Kartik Aaryan is invited back on stage to throw some more light on the advantage of having a smartphone that has a long standing battery (of 5000mAh) and big screen ensuring there is no end to entertainment. This leads to the unveiling of the new moto e5 and e5 plus on stage, followed by a presentation by Abhishek Kumar – Product Marketing Manager, Motorola Mobility India and a quick media chitchat with the celebrity guest—Kartik Aaryan.

bulletsThe demo zone is unveiled for the attendees to experience the features of the phone.

Key HighlightsKey Highlights

bulletsA specially curated invite was shared with media personnel. A box of popcorn box and other interesting snacks were sent with other goodies. The décor was made to give every attendee the feel of having come for a movie and not a regular launch event.

bulletsThe pre-function area was designed to look exactly like a movie cinema hall with the registration counter depicting a typical box office - ticket booth, a popcorn counter and a cola counter. All attendees were given popcorn and coke on welcome. The stage too was designed to look like a movie theatre screen.