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FH Sports Day

With more than 100 Passionate Players, 6 Talented Teams, 4 Glorious Games, 2 Dazzling Days and 1 Terrific Trophy, our annual two-day sports tournament is one of the most sought-after internal events where the Fountainheaders from all the verticals leave their desks and come together to prove their mettle in the sports field.

FH Cricket Team

All work and no play? No, that’s not the Fountainhead way. Boosting the team spirit and fitness strength of our employees, we have our in-house Cricket team which enthusiastically participates in regular Inter-Corporate Cricket Tournaments. Oh and btw, we are the current Champions!

Festival Celebrations

Be it Diwali, Holi, Christmas or any other festival, we leave no stone unturned to celebrate it in the Fountainhead style! We get on the festive mood a way before the actual occasion, all thanks to the fun-filled engaging contests, delicious treats (not to forget, Biryani Day), exciting workshops, a lot of quirky games and much more.

Women’s Day at Fountainhead

Celebrating the elegance of womanhood, we make International Women’s Day‬ memorable for our wonder women at Fountainhead. From a session on women's cancer awareness to an interactive power dressing workshop, from a motivational talk upon the trials and triumphs of a woman at the workplace to the various activities revolved around the theme 'Inspire, Interact and Indulge' this year, the day signed off with a delicious spread of decadent desserts for the women. We also asked our wonder women to share their feelings on how they feel empowered at work and here’s what they said -

Donut Day

Heard of any organization celebrating the International Donut Day? Well, that’s Fountainhead MKTG for you! This year, we turned the Friday into a Fri-YAY by offering a scrumptious spread of our favourite glazed treats in the cafeteria.