Rewards and Recognitions | Fountainhead MKTG | An Experiential Marketing Agency

Online Rewards

At Fountainhead, we always make sure that no good work gets unnoticed. Rather than opting for the traditional rewards, we take the modern approach of an employee recognition via digitised network where one can give kudos, thanks colleagues for their contribution, share inspiring messages, dole out virtual high-fives or pats on the back and even accumulate redeemable points towards their favourite merchandise or trips.

Milestone Awards

At our monthly get-togethers, ‘Open House’ as we fondly call it, we reward our employees for their significant achievements and dedicated years of service at Fountainhead. This recognition not only boosts their morale but also inspires great work.

Annual FH Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Celebrating employees was never this much fun until we started our annual awards program. Every year, over 200 Fountainheaders come together at one epic night of camaraderie for rejoicing a year full of awesomeness and honouring the top achievers behind excellence.